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Sea Canoeing has been a passion of mine for well over 30 years.
First on the east coast of Australia and then to the West.
There is nothing quite like being on a completely calm, crystal clear Indian Ocean over a sandy bank and not being sure as to which way is up or feeling the surf wrenching at your body as you tumble shoreward.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being capsized having failed to Eskimo roll in a force 4 with a 30 minute swim dragging a waterlogged kayak to shore - don't try it!

Guillemot Kayaks - I'm currently building one using  Beech, West Australian Jarrah (nearly veneer thickness), Pine and Italian Spruce. There's a very thorough diary of the process at this site: Building a Guillemot-L (18 footer)



I have a Nordkapp which has traveled up and down the West Australian coast a few times over the years and a stitch and glue job in safety yellow for paddling inshore.
A guide to the pro's and con's of strip built and glue and stitch at Building Kayaks.

I've made a few kayak purchases over the web and can recommend Outdoorplay.com in the US and Paddle Sport in the UK.
Books The Internet Public Library has links to most serious on-line collections. Project Gutenberg is the only way to truly satisfy a bibliophile's appetite.
Film The Marx Brothers have always had a fascination for me - probably because I'm a harpist although my favourite brother is Groucho. Check out this site with trailers from their movies: WhyaDuck
On a more serious note Krzysztof Kieslowski and Akira Kurosawa rate as two of my favourite directors.
Wine Never waste a day drinking rubbish and purchase a vacuum sealer so you can enjoy the pleasure in moderation! My favourite sommelier: La Vigna - Walcott Street, Menora, WA, Australia. The largest collection on sale in the state from all over the world.
Current drops: Hawkes Bay Merlot: Oyster Bay 2002 from New Zealand; a very drinkable Don Ramon 2000 from Aragon; Penfold's 2001 Hanwood Estate Shiraz and a strange Lavender Farm sparkling Rosť - most unusual flavours including lavender.